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Your house.

Your home.

Your family.

Home is where our story begins.

It is the floor for stumbling first steps, the cosy depths of movies enjoyed together, a place of laughs and shrieks of glee.

Photographing families in their homes is full of such unexpected magic.  In their own space, people relax. The wonderful little details of everyday life spin out - those small moments, gestures and expressions which you so dearly want to hold on to,

I capture them for you.

In-home sessions are tailored to your family, so your images tell your unique story. Maybe you just brought your newborn home, and want to capture the sweet details and closeness of this time. Maybe your home is full of rambunctious toddlers (and my, how they FILL a home!) and you want to record how they flip between playing and snuggles in the blink of an eye. Perhaps you love to bake together, or read, or play games. 

Whatever your family looks like, let's record the beauty and joy of your right now


"Emma made us and the kids feel very at ease and comfortable straight away. She got us all having fun and captured some amazing photos."

But my house isn't ready for a photoshoot!

Almost everyone worries that their house isn't right for a photoshoot. You may feel that it's too messy, has too many toys, or needs redecorating. I understand because I often feel that way about my own house!

I always work with the light in your house, and find the angles to show everything off to its best advantage.

But the truth is, it's not about your house and how it's presented. 
Your house is is photoshoot worthy because it is your home, and it holds the unfolding story of your family. Whether you're snuggling on your sofa, baking in the kitchen or playing hide and seek in the bedroom, in-home sessions capture the essence of who your family is - and that's something that's valuable right now. 

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